Damselfly Workflow

How should we use Damselfly? What’s the workflow?

Workflow is a little like distributed software development using Git. Photo manipulation is done locally, but then the images can be pushed to the remote server for integration into the main collection, and deleted from local storage. When you want to edit specific photos you can search and export/download them back to your local work area.

Suggested workflow.

  1. Images are copied onto a laptop for initial sorting, quality checks, and IPTC tagging using Picasa or Digikam
  2. Rclone script syncs the new images across the LAN to the network share
  3. Damselfly automatically picks up the new images and indexes them (and generates thumbnails) within 30 minutes
  4. Images are now searchable in Damselfly and can be added to the Damselfly ‘basket’ with a single click
  5. Images in the basket can be copied back to the desktop/laptop for local editing in Lightroom/On1/Digikam/etc.
    • Use the Damselfly Desktop client to write the files directly to the local filesystem in the same structure as on the server.
    • Export to a zip file to download and extract into the local image folder for additional editing
  6. Re-sync using RClone to push the images back to the collection [Future enhancement: Damselfly Desktop App will do this for you]

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